What we do.

In a changing business world, Leaders are continually challenged to adapt to new opportunities, maximising growth and value for their organisations. This ‘growth’ is underpinned by clear strategy, robust processes and effective enablement of technology and teams in equal measure.

Questions we answer:

  1. How can I develop consistent and authentic leadership practices, supported by clear and robust behavioural frameworks?
  2. How can we optimise our critical processes and introduce new, compelling changes where needed?
  3. How do we create the optimal environment, incorporating the current challenging climate?
  4. How do we ensure that our current technology platforms are being fully optimised?

Enabling all aspects of your technology estate, for successful, long standing alignment to business aims.

1. Assessment and audit of required business technology capabilities

2. Configure and optimise your platform and align with target operating model

3. Normalise platform mission critical capabilities across your business

Only a small number of businesses are realising genuine value from their supposed transformative technologies. Toomi solves the problem of too much information and not enough actionable steps forward. Through our true transformation method™ we ensure your business – at all levels – can seamlessly operate, communicate, function and deliver regardless of the environment.

Transitioning your high performing enduring processes, capabilities and behaviours into a changing blended remote and office work environment.

1. Technological readiness and transformation

2. New embedded capabilities and behavioural change

3. Adapted governance, leadership and culture change

Companies who invest in remote and blended working reportedly double their revenues versus their competitors , whilst at the same time 76% of employees will stay with a company because of a stated flexible working policy. Yet 68% are struggling with processes and appropriate behaviours in remote working, equalling a drop in productivity.

We help businesses recognise and adapt to the challenge of remote and blended working practices. Investing in best practice remote working techniques helps equip and accelerate your team, focusing on the processes, technology adoption and performance behaviours to support your employees eagerness to be productive in a blended work environment. We do this by delivering an adoption programme with a recipe for effective change provide the right expectations, tolerances and boundaries to enable your team. 

Identifying leadership strengths and developing high performance behaviours which enact long standing commitment from your team in a ever changing environment. 

1. Defining the leadership challenge

2. Creating accepted behavioural frameworks at all levels

3. Normalising and embedding enduring change

Whilst the modern workplace may be changing, what isn’t in question is that great leaders have key traits in common that allow them to influence those around them, maximising their teams potential to achieve an agreed organisational goal.

At Toomi, our goal isn’t just functional tech enablement, it is about maximising output from leadership to associate level. We recognise what worked well for individuals and teams in a physical environment, and help you shape your new high performance work setting through insight, experience and knowledge.

Mapping business needs to your internal processes, people and environments for maximal potential output.

1. Define process outcomes and environmental adaptions

2. Create and deliver accountability, ownership and governance models

3. Optimisation of enduring business processes for operational growth

Businesses need to rethink how they operate. It’s not just understanding the technology, it’s recognising what your processes actually are, how people behave and what the expectation and tolerance threshold looks like.

High performing corporate operating models are built around robust processes, clear and meaningful delivery frameworks and most importantly its people. We help businesses understand technology, evaluate their processes, and refine their operating model in line with existing environmental challenges and long term strategic aims.

These challenges have never been more prevalent and we’d love to talk to you about all of these themes and more so why contact us for a further discussion..